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Gold Chest is a new game engine inspired by the old goldbox styled games. My goal is to create a game with the same Look and Feel of the goldbox games while bringing to it newer graphics, sounds, music and network play.

The current release is 0.6

So where am I now?

  • Basic game layout implemented
  • True 3D perspective view and movement
  • Overhead view for maps
  • Overhead view for combat with characters and monsters and movement
  • Scriptable events engine
  • Character generation
  • Saving / restoring game
  • Economy - currencies and shops
  • Skills and abilities in place
  • Inventory management
  • Monster encounters
  • Basic interactive mode
  • Basic COMBAT implemented

This game is NOT a clone. As I go through each part of the goldbox games I'm re-evaluating each feature and making improvements as I go.   Some improvements already implemented:

  • Inventory management: Classes can carry multiple weapons at the ready and the combat icons change to show which weapon the character is using.

Future improvements:

  • Improved class system. 4 basic classes (fighter, thief, mage, cleric) which gain through acquiring skills with very few restrictions.
  • More tactics in combat. Dual weapons, thrown weapons, monster disarming, disable, disguise, conjuring monsters into combat, illusionary monsters, summoning monsters, possession, etc...
  • New magic / prayer systems.
  • More detailed economy.
  • Interactive puzzles like the old Infocom games.